Open Access Policy

Every material published in Ecocene will be licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

The licensing agreement requires all authors to give Ecocene the permission to publish and archive their work electronically. Ecocene does not ask authors to transfer any copyrights to the journal. The auhtor(s) retain all copyrights of their articles. However, authors grant the publisher non-exclusive publishing rights to publish the articles. Please note that Ecocene publishes only original materials, that is, works that have not been previously published elsewhere. 

All authors and users are free to use, reproduce, or distribute the works published in Ecocene in any way they prefer on the condition that the reproduced/redistributed material clearly acknowledges that it was originally published in Ecocene with all relevant publication details. When sharing works originally published in Ecocene on other platforms, please use the final version made publicly available on Ecocene’s website. We also ask authors to avoid from engaging in new contractual or licensing agreements that will influence Ecocene’s existing rights. 

If you are unsure whether the above statement allows you to reproduce or redistribute a work originally published in Ecocene in your particular case, feel free to send an email to the managing editors Gülşah Göçmen and Hakan Yılmaz.


Budapest Open Access Movement (BOAI)

Our journal’s policies and practices comply with the Budapest Open Access Movement (BOAI). According to BOAI, Open Access states, “Scientific articles that have been evaluated by the referee, via the Internet; be freely accessible, readable, downloadable, copied, distributed, printed, scanned, linked to full texts, indexed, transmitted as data and used for any legal purpose, without financial, legal and technical barriers.


  • All authors in the articles published in Ecocene accept the CC-BY license terms.
  • Cappadocia University also provides public visibility and public access to full-texts, completely free of charge, by featuring all of the articles published in Ecocene through the university’s open Access repository KÜNASİS (